NC Fit Family - Secret Formula-1

Company: MSA
Role: Editor, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Sound Design
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects

This is one of a series of 4 TV spots for the Fit Family campaign for the NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund. I edited 2 of the spots (this one and Secret Formula-Almost None), did some audio editing and compositing on all of them, and created the ending animation for all 4 spots. Editing a TV spot where the cast are puppets was a really fun experience, though provided some interesting challenges. A good bit of my work involved masking or painting out body parts of the puppeteers when they unintentionally entered frame. There was a lot of sound effects work that went into these spots to give the effect that the puppets were in an active science lab. You can see all 4 spots on the Fit Family Website. The Fit Family spots won a silver Addy at the 2011 Triangle Addy Awards on February 5th!